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Area Aroma

  Area Aroma is an integrated solution provider for space fragrance difussing system, focusing on three major business areas: olfactory brand marketing planning and implementation; imortation and services of space fragrance difussing system; fragrance gift ideas and customization. Area Aroma products include the world's leading technology of cold fluid atomization spread fragrance series, ultrasonic water oxygen spray perfume series, and patented design of the decorative craft ceramic fragrance series;
Area Aroma are committed to provide unique taste of fragrance and elegant space environment for the global and local clients such as high-end hotels, real estate buildings, office buildings, shopping plaza, brand clothing store chain, auto 4s shops and other commercial space and household space.
Area Aroma (Area Fragrance) has a professional R&D team and technical backup,a sales and service network that covers major cities in China,an independent professional sales team with specilized marketing focus, and a 24-hour after-sale service center.