• 2019/02
    Agent of Area Aroma in Taiwan
  • 2016/02
    Agent of AMTT in Taiwan
  • 2015/03
    Agent of Canasin in Taiwan


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         "WiTak Technology" are agency of ANTlabs、AMTT、Bittel、Canasin、FCS、Area Aroma, etc. We provides the best & professional team-work experience, top hotel & resort Extra Light Voltage system solution.

  • Extra Light Voltage System Integration for Domestic & International Hotel
    • Budgeting Stage: Based on hotel's function, service, and requirements, to plan Weak Current and Information System, such as PMS, Control Room, Fiber Backbone, Internet Service, Intranet Service, Wireless Network, MOD, Network Service, Surveillance System, VoIP, Telecom Switch, Videoconference, RFID, Room Control System, GPS, Information Security, and Prepaid System, etc
    • Drafting Stage: Assist corresponding Plan & Design associates to arrange Weak Current and Information System location diagram, equipment diagram.
    • Integration Stage: Based on client's need, provides final data sheet for the equipment needed for the integration of the system.
    • Construction Stage: coordinate various construction partners for deployments.
    • Finishing Stage: coordinate every unit and every system, do system testing, finish the procedure of acceptance.
    • Maintenance Stage: WiTak Technology serves as the main window for coordinating maintenance.